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वर्णन: काल-चक्र और हम

रचना का काल: फरवरी २०२२

मात्रिक छन्द: वीर
इसके प्रत्येक चरण में ३१ मात्राएँ होती हैं। १६, १५ पर यति पड़ती है। अंत में गुरु-लघु का विधान है।

Here is a list of select words with the intended meaning in the poem. Some words may have meanings in addition to those mentioned here:

यथार्थवाद - realism
आदर्शवाद - idealism
सहृदयता - noble mindedness

Time of composition: February 2022

Essence of poem "Wheel of time and we"
This poem affirms that though humanity may be gripped by realism today, as the wheel of time turns, idealism will return. It also affirms that people will be able to arrive at what is ideal through noble minded discussion.

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